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Experiential education for business,
education, and fire and police services

Incorporating the Invisible specializes in training teams to work together to achieve great things. Our training experiences can help you:

  • Encourage communication
  • Build trust
  • Set goals
  • Foster leadership skills
  • Cope with change
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Think creatively
  • Implement innovation
  • Tap the strengths of every team member

Our training uses a dynamic process to hold every team member accountable for
contributing to the group’s success.

Flexible Options

We design challenges to meet the needs of your schedule and your budget.

  • "Low” or portable activities that require participants to engage mentally, physically and emotionally as they complete a challenge or solve a problem.
  • Indoor or “tabletop” experiences that provide creative exercises to build team skills when space or time is tight, or when weather is a factor.
  • “High ropes” experiences that increase the intensity of experiential education, offered in cooperation with local challenge courses.

Incorporating the Invisible can offer indoor or outdoor challenges at your worksite; or another site that meets the goals of your training event.

Our flexible approach can be adapted for training, retreats, seminars and other events in the Midwest and beyond.

Attention, Attention!

Are you still wondering how to solve The Almost Infitinte Circle? Look no further! Follow these simple directions. If you still have questions after trying the solution, send me an
and I'll help you out. Good luck!

Have one student take a bite of their partner's rope and push through the portion tied at the wrist. Open the bite, take over the hand and pull through.


“Great teams are built when people tackle problems and conquer challenges together. In experiential education, this process creates the glue that keeps teams working together to achieve goals once they return to the workplace, classroom, or fire or police setting.”

Jeff Messer, Founder, Incorporating the Invivisble Jeff Messer, Founder
Incorporating the Invisible
Edgerton, WI

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